Trading Hours


Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Open from 3.00 PM
Thursday Open from 11.00 AM
Friday Open from 2.00 PM
Saturday Open from 11.00 AM
Sunday Open from 2.00 PM

* Please note opening and closing hours can vary depending on Functions and Bowls Events.

Closing hours will be at the discretion of bar staff based on the number of patrons on premises.

Attire and Behaviour

All COVID-19 rules must be strictly followed. 

Please adhere to an acceptable dress standard and to abstain from wearing any items of clothing with offensive text or logo. Footwear is to be worn at all time, except on the greens.

Please refrain from using any language that may intimidate, incite, or discriminate. Aggressive and abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.

Bar staff and management will exercise discretion and may refuse service and request patrons depart the club.

Families and Children

This is a family friendly club and we request you respect the presence of families.

Children are required to be under the supervision of adults at all times.


Other than assistance dogs, no animals are allowed on the premises.