Official Opening of the Windsor Bowling Club, 26 May 1922

Official Opening of the Windsor Bowling Club, 22 May 1922

Windsor Bowls Club 100 Years of Lawn Bowls - Booklet 

Windsor Bowls Club - Centenary Video

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Founded in 1921 Windsor Bowls Club has been located at its present site, Windsor Park, for over 100 years. Many changes to the Club's facilities have been made over the years, the most recent redevelopment taking place in 1997 when a major refurbishment of the bar was undertaken. Further redevelopment plans are underway as we continue to improve the facilities for members, their guests and the community.

Bob Lane a former Mayor of Windsor Town Council called a meeting of interested citizens on the 22nd April 1921 for the purpose of forming a Bowls Club. Twenty four citizens attended the meeting. It was unanimously decided to form a club, with the present site in Windsor Park chosen for the club house and greens.

Bob Lane was elected the foundation president of "The Windsor Bowling Club", and oversaw the opening of the greens for play on 22nd May 1922 with a foundation membership of 77.

Today the heritage listed club house is home to an active community based lawn bowls club, with a thriving membership, successful competitive bowlers and wonderful social engagement.

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