The Ladies Section

The Ladies Club was officially opened on the 28 June 1955.

The opening day was attended by bowlers from 45 metropolitan clubs. Foundation members totalled 59.

The Ladies first Madam President was Mrs N. W. H. Ward.


The ladies Club were always big on celebrations.

Amongst their many celebrations was when they ‘came of age’ in 1972 and celebrated their 18th birthday.  A number of years later in 1995 they turned 40 years of age and had a dual celebration in 1996 when Windsor Bowls Club celebrates its 75th anniversary. And it wasn’t long before in 2005 the Ladies Section celebrated their 50th anniversary.

Old members who have retired from the club and those, who for many reasons have joined other clubs were welcomed during a week of bowls. It was a time of rejoicing and renewing old friendships and camaraderie that comes with the game of bowls.

They also celebrated many Presidents at Home days and catered for many other activities.

Contributing to the Club’s Development

The Ladies section were always instrumental in providing for the Club.  Of those many times some examples of many are listed below.

On the 22nd of June 1957 the ladies held an evening social, when they entertained the Windsor Bowling Club Members to commemorate the honour of the Windsor Bowls Club in winning three (3) pennant flags. At this function the W.B.C. Presidential Chair was presented.

In 1969 members fully appreciated the comfort of canopies which were purchased by the Ladies Club and erected on the greens.

In 1975 a project by the Ladies Club saw the installation of an aluminium awning across the front of the Cub and a new Honour Board.

The Ladies Section has always remained a vibrant partner in the total range of Club activities. In the early days they regularly filled the two greens on their open days; Windsor Ladies had a high reputation among their sister Clubs, not only those in close vicinity to Windsor, but with so many Clubs further afield.


The biggest Ladies Club event in 1970 was The Warana Two Day Bowls Event. 15 rinks were filled. The Warana Spring Festival Board donated the overall winners and runners-up trophies. In 2004 the Ladies Section Warana Carnival comes to an end after 33 years of successful events.

A shield inscribed “Windsor Ladies Bowling Club Warana Event”, with the shield to remain the property of W.L.B.C. In each of these years the event was declared open by that year’s Miss Warana. The mystery prizes that year were Golden Jubilee Tankard

Sad Times

In 2001 Foundation member Miss Margaret Dale dies aged 104.

The End of an Era

2016 was the last year for AGM’s for the Ladies Section as it was voted that both the men’s and ladies sections would be integrated into the one bowls committee ending 61 years of an proud history of Ladies Bowls at Windsor.

Windsor Ladies Bowling Club and its successor Windsor Ladies Bowls Section played an important part in the growth of the club with the Lady President adopting special projects each year. Over the years the club has benefited greatly from the funds generated from Ladies Financial Days and other events. 

Ladies Bowls continues to thrive and bring success to the Club in 2021.