A new era of Sunday entertainment started at the Windsor Bowls Club on Sunday 29 August 2021.  A great time was had by all being entertained for around 4 hours by 6 local bands.  The bands who played were:

  1. The Jam Band.  This is the band formed in the jam sessions in Jams Around Brisbane sessions
  2. Bel4Piece. A Nundah band featuring Bel on lead vocals covering rock and folk classics
  3. Sub Atomic Cookie Bandits.  The first of our original’s bands playing their hits made popular on YouTube.
  4. Regal Shiver. A northside covers band playing 60s, 70s and 80s favourites
  5. Gettin’2Old.  A 3-piece band from Nundah serving up their original songs.
  6. Underground. An 80’s underground-style revival band playing the best of the 80s softer, more melodic songs.

We are hoping for this to become a regular monthly event.

Stay tuned by the next one is likely to be on Sunday 26 September. STAY TUNED.