In The Beginning


The idea of a Bowling Club was at the instance of Alec Inglis, Hugh Laverty and Bob Lane and a meeting of the citizens of the Windsor district was called to form a Bowling Club.

Influential Members

Twenty-four people attended the public meeting on 22 April 1921 at the old Windsor Council Chambers and unanimously decided to form a Club.

Of the foundation members, R. B. Lane was then Mayor of Windsor Town Council, W.A. Jolly was a past Mayor of Windsor Town Council and first Mayor of Brisbane City Council and the William Jolly Bridge perhaps better known as the Grey Street Bridge was named after him.

The Site of the Bowls Club

On 6 May 1921 the present site was chosen and the Club was constituted under the title ‘The Windsor Bowling Club’ at a meeting held on 19 May 1921.

A lease for a portion of Windsor Park was negotiated with the Windsor Town Council and an agreement was drawn up showing a rental of $2 per annum for twenty-one years and for every $100 spent on improvements a further year would be granted. Tenders were called for the construction of the Bob Lane Green on 11 October 1921.

1922 ClubhouseOfficial Opening of the Windsor Bowling Club, 26 May 1922

An extract from the Brisbane Daily Mail Dated 14 December, 1921 reads as follows:-

“At a general meeting of the members of the Windsor Bowling Club, held last Thursday night, the president reported that splendid progress was being made with the making of the green, and the contractors hoped to plant the grass in the course of a few days. It should not be long now before the green was ready for play. The president also reported that the contract had been accepted for the erection of the building and the contractor was making a start in the next few days, and the pavilion would be ready for the official opening at the beginning of March. The secretary reported that up to date 80 members have enrolled, and with the exception of a few, all subscriptions are paid to date.

Bribie Island Bowls Club

In 1929 Windsor Bowls Club members were instrumental in establishing the Bribie Island Bowls Club and is still going strong in 2021.