Fields of Greens

Good greens are essential for a successful Bowls Club.  Today the Windsor greens are rated as some of the best around and are set amongst some beautiful rose gardens.

On 25 June 1955 the greens were named after Bob Lane, the first President, and Paul Maggs in recognition of their contribution to the Club and the game.

The First Green

The original Clubhouse and what is now known as The Bob Lane Green was constructed at a cost of $2,632.  The green was opened for play on 27 May 1922 with a membership of 77.

The Second Green

In 1938 construction is commenced on the second green.  What is now known as The Paul Maggs Green was opened for play on 9 December 1939.

The Greens and Surrounds

There is always a need for repair work on the greens and surrounds.

In 1952 concrete ditches were installed on No. 1 green at a cost of $866.80.  By 1978 the Bob Lane Green had provided 56 years of play but was in need of replacement using tift-dwarf grass.  New ditch boards were put in and a new drilling machine was purchased.

In 1994 the Paul Maggs Green was re-laid.

2012 was a year that saw many improvements in and around the Club. New pre-fabricated concrete drop-in ditches are installed around both greens.  Both greens were laser levelled and renovated allowing the Paul Maggs Green to be brought up to competition standard. A soil testing regime is introduced to assist with the proper planning of greens renovation.  New scoreboards, rink markers and rink numbers are all purchased through grants and sponsorships.

2019 saw the completion of the concrete pathways around the Paul Maggs Green and at the rear of the greenkeepers shed and completes our surrounds renovation project.

In 2019 a grant allowed the purchase of a new Greens Mower and Drilling Machine at a cost of $20,000.

Use of Contractors

In 1981 the then greenkeeper, Dick Chambers, retired and was replaced by contractors. This was being done by a number of clubs in the metropolitan area and in the end proved to be a failure because as was said at the time “a greenkeeper to have a good green, must have the feeling that it is his green and must be perfect”.

Lighting the Greens

Brisbane’s hot summer days made the decision easy to install lighting for both greens to allow twilight or night bowls to be played. The $17,000 cost for the lighting was approved at an open meeting on 26 June 2004. A “Coming of the Lights” carnival was held in September and when the Greens and Clubhouse were lit up, it certainly looked a treat.

 The Men Behind the Greens

George Swenson became greenkeeper on 14 January 1937 he assisted in the construction of the Paul Maggs Green in 1938-9 and remained greenkeeper for 34 consecutive years during which time he kept the greens in first class running order.

Volunteers play an integral in helping out particularly in regards to the surrounds of the greens.

In 2005 Dan Bull is appointed Greenkeeper and remains in that position until the current date. Dan is instrumental over the following 16 years in bringing the Greens up to the high standard they are.