The Advent of Poker Machines at Windsor Bowls

As the need for additional income continued to increase a decision was made in 1993 to introduce Poker Machines.

New Gaming Lounge

In the early stages, Windsor staged a wait and see policy and eventually installed six machines.  A Gaming Lounge was created at the eastern end of the lounge bar and Poker Machines are installed.  Fortunately, the Club was able to carry out the installation of the machines without having to borrow any outside money.

A report at the time, 1993, noted “Whilst most were of the opinion that they would bring in the dollars, this was not the case. They have paid their way up to date, returning any money outlaid at the beginning and remain a small income return, but they are not the be-all and end-all they were supposed to be.”

Nearly 30 Years Later

Today in 2021 the Club has 10 Poker Machines which provide a modest additional income to the Club’s operations and helps cover some of the costs of maintaining the Greens. It is part of our ongoing budget.

Looking back to 1958 (63 years ago)

The view of raising funds through raffles etc. was very different back in the ’50s as noted by the Secretary at the time to the Members:

Windsor Bowling Club has resisted the tendency to use bowling hours to extract money from its members by devious means to keep the club functioning but preferred the more satisfying and wholesome method of direct and spontaneous giving be it in cash, kind or labour.

Thus informing members no raffles had been conducted and none would be