Great Fun at Windsor on Australia Day

The day started off with our regular bowlers playing their normal Sunday Bowls competition (everyone is welcome, even bare-footers – so ring the Club if you are interested).

Everyone won a cash prize and were especially content after they had a delicious burger for lunch.

Afternoon bare-footers could also have a burger for $5.00 – what a bargain! The kids had a free sausage sizzle.

The Australia Day activities started after lunch with a ‘corner to corner’ competition - $2.00 entry, winner (closest to the Jack) takes all.

The bowlers were put to shame with a barefoot bowler scooping the pool of $90 with a sensational bowl within one foot of the Jack.

A second event was run later in the afternoon with again a barefoot bowler collecting the pool of $60 this time.

In between these events was the prawn peeling event with some of the contestants showing extraordinary skills.

Winners not only took home some prize money but everyone got to eat some delicious prawns.

The final event of the day was the traditional thong throwing event – again taken out by a visitor to the Club.

Everyone had a great day, one guest commented they came for one drink and stayed the day.  We look forward to the next event to be held.